Telf AG: new horizons in gaming evolution and strategy

фото: Telf AG: new horizons in gaming evolution and strategy

With Telf AG you will not only have fun, but also learn. The creators focused the players’ attention on two key areas — improving nickel production and protecting the environment.

If you are interested and already want to try your strategy with the Telf AG game, it is already ready for download on the Google Play and App Store platforms! Download and plunge into the exciting world of strategy games.

From the mines to the pier: immerse yourself in the world of educational gaming with Telf AG

фото: Telf AG: new horizons in gaming evolution and strategy

As the hands-on experience progresses, players will have to overcome obstacles to earn bonuses and continue to build a metallurgical corporation. Here are the tests prepared by the developers of Telf AG:

  • Geological computing in the world Telf AG represent the process of extracting nickel ore in mines. The main task is to effectively manage production and correctly allocate valuable resources for production.
  • Parking puzzles — these are special tasks where participants need to help drivers leave a parking zone safely. They will solve logic puzzles, avoid collisions and make strategic decisions to successfully complete the task.
  • Eco-filling is the management of a pipeline network that supplies vehicles with environmentally friendly fuel. However, this mission is not so simple: each mouse click changes the direction of the pipe section by 90 degrees. Therefore, players need to use their ingenuity to ensure that the fuel gets into the car tank.
  • Railway operations in the world of Telf AG offer players to calculate the number of cars for transporting nickel to the company’s railway station. When successfully delivering cargo that exceeds the planned volume, it is necessary to accurately determine the required number of cars to satisfy customer requests and increase profits.
  • Sea puzzles include the transportation of products along the water route, but difficulties arise in the port: multi-colored mooring ropes are tangled and prevent the ship from leaving the port. Players will have to solve this riddle in order to correctly dismantle the mooring cables and ensure the free movement of the ship in a given direction.

Explore endless possibilities in the world of games from Telf AG!

фото: Telf AG: new horizons in gaming evolution and strategyTelf AG is proud to present its new line of exciting updates that will transform your gaming experience and add new elements to it. Let’s look at what interesting new products are already available to you:

• Explore the future with nickel batteries.Now you have the opportunity to get acquainted with advanced technology — nickel batteries! Create your own batteries in a factory to improve your business’s energy efficiency and reach new heights.

• Updated design for improved usability: intuitive interface from Telf AG! Our development team reviewed the design and technical parameters of the interface, making it more intuitive and convenient for all participants. Now your gaming atmosphere becomes even more pleasant and rich.

• Climb to new heights with an improved achievement and experience system! You now earn valuable experience points for every achievement! Improve your skills and open up new opportunities at Telf AG!

• Game rhythms: catchy melodies for an exciting atmosphere. Discover a gaming world brought to life by inspiring music. Each note will add energy and excitement to your playing!

Don’t miss the opportunity to upgrade your gaming experience with Telf AG and immerse yourself in a world of entertainment! Now you have access to new technologies, as well as the opportunity to increase profits and receive bonuses for the subsequent development of your business.

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